Thursday, May 14, 2015

NEWS: gearing up for Mural at Marguerite Christian Elementary :) !

I will be creating a mural at Marguerite Christian Elementary School in June.
The wall is 8 feet tall by 47.5 feet wide!!!!
Here were the preliminary ideas I submitted. The third composition down is the one we decided on. AMy Tirrel is the teacher of the year 2014 and has been the heart of this project. Thanks Amy for the love and support! The concept will include native Virginia Animals and habitats. I want to create a world with a fun dreamy and stylized even a touch of folk look.  Because I will create the entire mural in 2 days, I have enlisted the help of a dozen recent graduates of VCU art foundations !!! :)
The student volunteers will help drafts the composition on the wall following a gridded draft.
 Flat areas of color will be added, then areas of analogous and monochromatic color shifts. I will create stencils to lay in patterns to create implied texture. I want it to be educational but feel fun and evoke laughter and conversation. Perhaps it will simulate a "Richard Scary Busy Town" vibe with tilted perspective, also much like folk drawing.  I'll post studio images as I work through the night and the coming 4 weeks!!! ALso thanks to Amelia Herring, my new intern. She helped clean my stdio today and organize my materials, so now I get to jump right into drafting! Thanks Amelia!

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