Monday, April 10, 2017

Stenciling demo continued

Here are the first two layers of stencils. The third will will outline the goddess in red yellow and blue. Then i will add bright transparent blue to the white stripes and neon washes.

Saturday, April 8, 2017


Goddess outline on Clear-Lay vellum
Just wanted to share this in progress image of a stencil I am making for the RASA skateboard auction at Hardywood. 

Ill add more images asap.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Multi layer stencil prints

purple line layer
hot pink layer
green layer

brown layer
yellow layer

finished screen print. blues were added in retrospect using contact paper stencil

Step one: import your inked technical line drawing into Illustrator. Do a live trace. Open the Trace window next to the Trace option button in the dashboard to shift the threshold making line bolder or fainter. When you are happy with your line drawing, you can add layers to the design. One layer for each color to be printed. Title each layer as needed. Fill the designated areas for that color and any overlapping secondary colors. After creating each layer, you will make a copy of the file for each layer. Once each layer is its own file, delete all the layers unrelated to that colorway. Then convert the color to black to create the black silhouette.

Step  two: You will then either
print these to scale to use for handmade stencils in contact paper (dollar store or craft suppliers) or adhesive acetate paper sheets ($5 at plaza). Use light table in other Surface room to see and trace design through clear contact paper or acetate.
If you are using the design for a laser cut stencil, you will proceed by converting the files to vector line to be cut on clear-Lay vellum ($3 at plaza). You should have taken notes on this during our demo. I also forwarded you a link via email with instructions on making a vector stencil. Lastly the monitors in the computer lab can help with troubleshooting and formatting.

For this assignment

1.must use stencils to create entire design. (either hand cut or laser engraved)
2.must limit colors to 3, may use black and white to change value.
3.may be representational or abstract- images may be repeated if desired to create pattern, overlapping, etc.
4.printed on wood or paper or any smooth surface
Clear-Lay vellum sheets -if laser engraving a stencil
clear Contact Paper or durable paper- if not laser printing
paint roller and roller heads for each color 
any size
For Tue/ Homework
finish design and create stencils for in class printing!! Remember to check the lab hours if you plan on laser engraving a stencil. Also check the availability of the laser engraver. 

Due Thurs 
completed print or prints

Friday, January 27, 2017

Black and White Design Assignment

Here are the demos I worked on during class.
Photo Demos edited on Photoshop with Stamp Filter:

carefully tracing and transferring and ink
slow and steady!!!!!

some additional research:

trenton doyle hancock

barry mcgee

 ryan mcguiness
andy warhol

ADA Gallery , New Friends Exhibition

    4 of my mixed media works on display at Ada GAllery, Dec 2016:)

Thursday, December 8, 2016

the BLING IT OUT fundraiser is this weekend! Friday Dec 9th 7-10 at Iridian Gallery!

                                    Virginia Cottontail Poppy, paint market on salvaged chalkboard with gold frame.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Research Grant!

I have been awarded a VCU Adjunct Research Grant to help fund 2 new large scale mixed media works at Capital One and Iridian Gallery in 2017! more details TBA
Thanks VCUarts!!!

New Large Scale Work

Wednesday, October 5, 2016


 HEY CLASS!! GREAT WORK:) here are the images i took during crit:) I am missing a few. please turn in documentation if yours is not shown. everyone should update their blogs after EVERY crit. don't forget !:)

can't wait to see documentation of assignment #2 MONOCHROMATIC VALUE PAINTINGS

Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Color Theory/Spirit Animal Trophy

Choose an animal which personifies you best. You will be creating a 3D bust of the animal to be
hung on the wall. Make two drafts of the animal (frontal and side view). You should abstract,
exaggerate, manipulate the animal in order to get a design​ that is desired. Texture will be
created through repetition and patterning of simple shapes layered onto one another. Mood will
be created through use of symbolic color (Color theory). You may only use Analogous colors. If
your animal has more than one distinct color you may choose another set of analogous colors to
create contrast. Must be minimum of 4” deep x 12” length x12” width.
Research​ decorative patterns in nature and various cultures for inspiration. Post all
inspiration, research and in progress images to blog!

In class we discussed how to build a 3D armature from your 2D front and side scoring and finger joint techniques- also google search cardboard armature for more reference to construction if needed. I left some cardboard in one of the upright cubbies. Feel free to use it!
view drafts. Here is a reminder of the scoring and finger joint techniques

finger joints<scoring to bend<tape used to create seams between cut forms, adding volume.

have fun!

 Post images of "works in progress" by 10/7 , 9pm
< don't forget to check out the student work on my website www.