Thursday, September 28, 2017

Artist Statement 2016-2017

Artist Statement : The Nutshell of an idea
My current research is grounded in studies of the mind, meditation and sensory awareness and how mind control is key to alternate dimensions and enlightenment. These works are intended to seduce the viewer visually, conceptually and spiritually. I weave narrative and iconography into the work through repetitious figure, landscape and geometric imagery. The figures have symbolic, political and spiritual relationships. The light and color have symbolic mood altering effects. The patterns invoke peace and harmony and embody the principles/patterns of the universe.

Artist Statement: Iconography and Symbolic Patterns
The representational images of the women, man on horse, goat, walking children are meant as symbols for Mother of Earth/the Goddess, God/ the Universe, the Fruit of Life, the Future but they also take on political undertones due to their inherent zeitgeist. The woman is a 1950’s pin-up or feminist, the male is perhaps an immigrant, the children are southern white children - but a symbol for historical “Babes in the Wood”. Rock Formations allude to a specific place where transcendence takes place. The occasional Native American dancing and a TP are symbolic portals.  

The design techniques such as figure ground reversal create disorientation within the landscape.The heavy patterns within the abstractions induce a meditative optical illusion and a sensory awareness. The figures are drawn using printing techniques in order to create further balance and symmetry. These may also suggest slips in time.  I utilize color palette to separate the compositions and allude to a spectrum of alternate dimensions. Sometimes these figures exist in a desert landscapes between universes and sometimes they exist in an abstract  parallel dimension. Both the representational and abstract landscapes have color based design creating large rainbows across the gallery. These works are intended to be seen as a whole and in a large space so the viewer can slowly and mindfully digest their meaning. I am interested in how light and reflection  function to enhance color, alter mood and enable deeper sensory awareness.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Monday, April 10, 2017

Stenciling demo continued

Here are the first two layers of stencils. The third will will outline the goddess in red yellow and blue. Then i will add bright transparent blue to the white stripes and neon washes.

Saturday, April 8, 2017


Goddess outline on Clear-Lay vellum
Just wanted to share this in progress image of a stencil I am making for the RASA skateboard auction at Hardywood. 

Ill add more images asap.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Black and White Design Assignment

Here are the demos I worked on during class.
Photo Demos edited on Photoshop with Stamp Filter:

carefully tracing and transferring and ink
slow and steady!!!!!

some additional research:

trenton doyle hancock

barry mcgee

 ryan mcguiness
andy warhol