Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Studio Dog Gone Wild!

A little tale about a studio pooch.
While JOsh was in Philly for Jess' wedding, I got to studio making. I started using some old Archival paper. Unfortunately, the studio has a bit of a slug problem and the portfolio was apparently a nice short cut for the slug. I ripped the paper down to smaller pieces hoping to salvage as much as possible....the part not covered in a slug track. I proceed to have a very productive couple days. Beautiful weather even brought me outdoors to watercolor several days in a row. Han was a good studio dog. But he had to go to the vet at the end of the weekend. As normal after shots, he wasn't feeling well. He went down to his crate in the studio for a few hours, resting I thought. But later, in his crate, i found  a pile watercolors were in the same damn cardboard portfolio. The watercolor in the above is the only one that was completely destroyed. He ate every shred of it. He proceeded to poop a beautiful paper log several days later.

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